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ASTALIFT Skincare Series

The joy, excitement and bliss of motherhood aside, there’s no denying that the lack of proper rest and self care that came with being a mama could take a toil on our skin.

I have long coveted the beautiful, natural glow seen on Korean artistes because their skin always look plump, fresh and healthy even without the need of heavy make-up. Hence, over the last few months, I’ve been switching my skincare products around until I settled on my current routine which helped me to achieve a more glowing skin.

Now that I’ve found products which are useful for achieving a glowing skin, I’m looking to add some products which are helpful in tackling firmness and spots.

Since pregnancy (i.e. hormones changes), I’ve found that the spots on my cheeks are becoming more obvious and while it’s not bothering me to death at this point, I understand that prevention is always better than cure when it comes to tackling spots and freckles.

I was really intrigued when I found out that Fujifilm recently launched 3 new/ improved additions to the ASTALIFT Skincare Series targeting skin firmness and whitening to help us achieve beautiful, photogenic skin inside-out – the ASTALIFT Moist Lotion, ASTALIFT White Essence Infilt and ASTALIFT White Shield Supplement. I will share more about these products below.

ASTALIFT Skincare 6

On 6 October I attended the launch event with fellow mommy bloggers, Ashlyn and Jenn, to learn more about the 3 new/ improved products in the ASTALIFT Skincare Series over a scrumptious lunch menu. Here are some shots from the beautiful launch event:

ASTALIFT Skincare 9

ASTALIFT Skincare 7



ASTALIFT Skincare 10

ASTALIFT Skincare 13

ASTALIFT Skincare 14

ASTALIFT Skincare 11

During the event, we got to try the products and learn about the intensive research that goes on behind the scene to develop the high quality products, packed with goodness to improve our skin condition. Below are more information on each of the 3 products.

ASTALIFT Moist Lotion (brand new)

ASTALIFT Skincare 16

The Moist Lotion is a brand new addition to the ASTALIFT Skincare Series, targeting at improving our skin’s firmness and moisture retention. The CL Lotion® contains proprietary ingredients Nano Vitamin Ax and Collagen Peptides to remove damaged collagen under our skin and rebuild high-density college to give our skin a firm, supple and hydrated look.

The lotion is hygienically dispensed from its pump-bottle. The lotion is very light with almost water-like texture which is absorbed very quickly by the skin doesn’t leave any sticky or oily feeling. It has a punish-orange tint and smells vaguely of roses. The experience of using the ASTALIFT Moist Lotion is extremely soothing and comfortable.

The Moist Lotion acts like a toner, to be used after cleansing the face.


ASTALIFT White Essence Infilt (quasi drug)


As suggested by its name, the ASTALIFT White Essence Infilt works by thoroughly infiltrating the skin with its Nano AMA and Nano Olyzanol components to help us achieve bouncy, firm and translucent skin.

Similar to the Moist Lotion, the White Essence Infilt feels light when applied on to the skin and is quickly absorbed without leaving any residue.

The Essence is to be used after the Moist Lotion and before your moisturiser.

It is available in 30ml ($115) and 30ml refill ($108).


ASTALIFT White Shield Supplement

This supplement contains high quality low molecular pure collagen which stimulates the secretion of growth hormones for increased skin elasticity and moisture. The capsules also contain 4 red anti-oxidant ingredients (Astaxanthin, Lycopene, Red Wine Polyphenol, β-Carotene) to fight melanin (i.e. the pigments resulting in your spots and freckles!).

The soft capsules are small and easy to take. For best results a daily dosage of 2 capsules is recommended.

It is available at $63 for 60 capsules (i.e. a month’s worth).


All the above products are currently available at ASTALIFT’s Wisma Atria and JEM stores, as well as BHG Bishan.

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