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Baby L – The First Thoughts

It’s 2.30am and I’m wide awake, waiting for Laurent to be sent to me for his second feed ?

Our baby darling took his first look at this world on 11 July 2014, close to 8pm.

His birth story will be for another entry. Now, I just want to share my thoughts and emotions, as I reflect quietly upon the amazing flurry of events this afternoon.

It still feels so surreal that this little boy is out in the world, I have to keep looking at his photos when he is not physically with me.

This time, last night, he was still in my bulging tummy and now, our eyes have met, our skin have touched, we have held him in our arms and his first breath has taken ours away ❤️

I know this may be something I do daily, and even something I may start to get really tiresome of. But before it becomes a daily non-event, I want to make a mental note to myself – how wonderful it felt to hold the little boy in my arms, skin to skin, watching him as he feeds, and him, occasionally looking back up at me with his lovely big eyes.

I thought I’ll be so dead tired, sleeping through the night, since I haven’t taken a wink from 3am yesterday. My adrenalin rush from the birthing process finally worn off enough for me to shut my eyes for a light slumber around 1am, after the first feed. Only to wake up wondering why my little boy is not here for his next feed yet, when I still have another half hr to go.

This maternity thing, I think I’m starting to feel it.

And I pray that I will have the God-given strength and wisdom to fulfill the additional roles and responsibilities of being a mummy from today onwards.


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