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Family Dental Visits at Pure NZ Dental

This year, I made a promise to myself that I will pay more attention to my teeth, both in terms of aesthetics and oral hygiene. So to start the ball rolling, I scheduled for our first family dental visit of 2017 right at the start of the year.

Previously, I’ve never had a regular dental clinic that I return to and I usually “dentist-hop” depending on where I was when I have the time and mood for a dental visit. But after my first visit to Pure NZ Dental about a year ago, I’ve been returning to it for all my dental services and have been bringing Wayne, and recently Laurent, along. Here’s why I love this dental clinic so much that I’m making dental visits to Pure NZ Dental a family affair!

Bright and Cozy Space

Unlike many dental clinics that I’ve been to, Pure NZ Dental is such a cozy and welcoming space. It is flooded with bright, natural light and the comfortable sofa and coffee machine at the side makes me feel like I’m visiting a friend’s home instead of a dental clinic.

Fun decals on the steps and walls also add a touch of playfulness to the atmosphere, making dental visits a little less nerve-wrecking.

Well-Equipped Facilities

The clinic houses two dentists’ rooms where dental procedures are carried out and a separate digital X-ray room.

On my first visit, we did a digital x-ray scan for my teeth to help the dentist and myself better understand the condition of my teeth. It was a quick and painless procedure and I was already looking at the x-ray image of my teeth when I settled down in the dentist’s chair,  less than 5 minutes after the x-ray was taken!

The dentists’ rooms are clean and well-equipped with facilities to carry out the dental services provided, as well as fun little touches like decals and soft toy tissue box to make dental sessions a little more light-hearted. The screens in the rooms are paired with the computers, allowing the dentists to show you the images of your teeth easily on the screen.

Fun & Friendly Dentists

Dental visits at Pure NZ Dental are more like catch up sessions with friends because we are always chatting about everything under the sun when we meet! Here’s a shot with Dr. Justin 🙂

Laurent just went for his first dental visit and Dr Jo was so good with him! Laurent is 2.5 years old now and we thought it might useful to bring him along for dental visits with us so that he can slowly understand and get used to the idea. I was in another room with Dr Justin and Wayne was with Laurent at Dr Jo’s. I was expecting to hear cries or even whines from him but I heard none. When I pop into Dr Jo’s room after my session, I saw Laurent sitting on daddy, watching intently as Wayne got his teeth scaled and polished.

Laurent didn’t need any cleaning yet so Dr Jo showed him the tools that dentists use for scaling & polishing, got him to open his mouth to check his teeth and asked him to watch daddy so that he understands the procedure. He even got a certificate to show and he was so excited about the visit he couldn’t stop talking about it after that!

P.S. Did you notice how super cute their scrubs are?! Dr Jo is wearing one in Frozen theme and Dr Justin’s wearing one with Batman prints.

First-Class Entertainment

One of the things that I LOVE about dental visits at Pure NZ Dental is the first class entertainment service that comes with it.

Before you settle down for your dental services, you can choose the form of entertainment you prefer to keep your mind off the dental procedures. The premium wireless Klipsch headphones are super useful in keeping out all the unwanted sounds from the dental equipment and the fluffy blanket is so warm and cozy I need to ask them where to buy it the next time I’m there! If you love a good movie, there are plenty to choose from, and tons for child-friendly ones for the kids too.


Convenient Location

Pure NZ Dental clinic is conveniently located about a 5 minutes walk from Exit C of Beauty World MRT Station. There is also a small car park right in front of the clinic which usually has parking space available.

If, like me, one of your aims for this year is to pay more attention to your dental health, I would defintely suggest finding a good dental clinic that you are comfortable with and will enjoy visiting. This way, you will be more likely to go for regular dental check ups to keep those pearlies sparkling clean. And one more useful tip, go schedule that dental visit NOW! Take action immediately and you are more likely to achieve your goals 😀

My mBrace Journey

Some of you might already know, I’ve started putting on mBrace clear aligners since Jan last year at Pure NZ Dental. I am currently on my 5th tray now (supposed to be much further into the journey but I wasn’t consistent with my visits, oops) and I will be sharing more about it in a subsequent post. If you have any questions on my experience with mBrace clear aligners so far, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll try to answer it in my next dental post 😀

Pure NZ Dental

Address: 62 Jalan Jurong Kechil
JK Building
Singapore 598584

Tel: +65 6463 0257


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