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[Home & Living] Bathroom Cleaning with Method and Full Circle

I’ll be completely honest here – I’ve always regarded bathroom cleaning as a dirty job.

So for the first 2 years of having our own place, Wayne had been the one stuck with this item on our list of chores. During my maternity leave last year, I thought I’d try to do as much of the housework as I can so that Wayne can spend more time with Laurent, especially during the precious weekends. That was when I started cleaning our bathrooms and I’ve been trying to find ways to make bathroom cleaning less painless and time-consuming since.

Like I mentioned in my Kitchen Cleaning post, having the right tools and products on hand will help to cut cleaning time and make the cleaning process much more enjoyable.

I believe many of us try to use very harsh products in the bathroom because we think that it is one of the dirtiest and germiest places at home. I’m really glad that naturally derived and non-toxic products like Method Daily Shower Spray and Method Tub + Tile Spray work really well in keeping my bathroom clean and fresh without me having to endure the harsh effect of chemical on my skin and risk inhaling toxic (and nasty smelling) fumes whenever I clean and use the bathroom.

While bathroom cleaning is still not the favourite item on my list of chores, it is definitely one of the most satisfying. Having a sparkling clean and sweet smelling bathroom to wash-up and unwind in after a long day at work can be one of life’s simple pleasures 🙂

Here’s what I do to keep our bathroom clean!

1. The Daily Maintenance

Soap scums and mildew build up over time. Doing a little maintenance everyday to prevent them from building up will save you from a lot of elbow grease later on. I’ll usually let Wayne take his shower before me so that I can do a quick spray and wipe down after my shower.

For daily maintenance of my shower, I only use 2 items – my trusted IKEA squeegee and the Method Daily Shower Spray.

All I have to do after my shower is to spend a couple of minutes with my squeegee at the glass panels to remove water marks and a few seconds spraying the Ylang Ylang scented shower spray all around the shower stall to remove and prevent soap scums from building up. My bathroom smells like a spa when I’m done!

If you start using the daily shower spray on a clean space and continue using it on a daily basis, I’ve seen reviews that you no longer need to scrub your bathroom because it is extremely effective in preventing build-ups! I’ve only started using the spray for the past month and I did notice that for the weeks when I used the spray diligently, the shower was able to stay clean and fresh at the end of the week without me having to give it a weekly deep cleaning like I used to.

2. The Weekly Deep-cleaning

On weekends like this one, when I was too busy during the weekday evenings to do proper daily maintenance, I’ll start to see signs of soap scum on the walls, mildew forming on the grout and the shower fittings looking lack-lustre. A deep cleaning session becomes unavoidable and here’s my cleaning routine:

(i) Shower Stall

I’ll spritz the Tub + Tile Spray all around the shower and let it sit for a few minutes.

A good scrub with the Full Circle Gunge Buster Grout and Tile Brush helps to get rid of the mildew build-up on the grout. The brush allows for a good grip and the way the bristles are positioned allows them to clean the grout effectively. As usual, I love Full Circle products because they are designed to stand on their ends so that they can dry quickly and prevent bacteria build-up when drying.

I’ve also found that using a Magic (or melamine) Sponge with the Tub + Tile Spray can have such a “magical” effect on your chrome fittings, it can make them look BRAND NEW!

Before Treatment

Soap scums and mildew collected on Magic Sponge

Sparkling clean after treatment

I tried using the sponge with just water and it cleaned the fittings really well, but with the spray, it just makes them shine! Here’s a photo of the tap where the left half is before treatment and the right half has been cleaned with Magic Sponge and Method Tub + Tile Spray.

And look how my shower head is gleaming like it’s brand new!

(ii) Toilet Bowl

I leave some Method Antibac Toilet in the toilet bowl for a few minutes while I wipe the exterior of the toilet bowl with a wet tissue/ disposable toilet bowl cleaner. I use disposables instead of cloth because I’m more paranoid about cross contamination when it comes to cleaning toilet bowls.

I’ll finish off by scrubbing the interior of the toilet bowl and I’ll leave the toilet scrub to dry like below for at least 30 mins.

(iii) Counter-top

I’ll remove everything from the counter-top before using Method All-Purpose Cleaner and Full Circle Cellulose Cleaning Cloth to give the sink area a wipe down. Placing facial products on trays/ containers makes it easier to remove and replace the items on the counter-top when cleaning.

I try to wipe the counter-top dry every night to prevent water mark around the sink and to keep the fitting shiny and clean 🙂

For me, keeping our bathroom clean boils down to 3 main points:

  • Spend a little effort to keep it clean daily and it can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to the weekly deep-cleaning
  • Keep toilet cleaning products at a convenient spot so that you can use them easily for daily maintenance
  • Keep toilet well-ventilated when not in use. If you have the luxury of huge windows in the toilet (sounds weird but we used to have them at our old place), keep them open when you leave home for work. At our current place, we only have small panels for ventilation so we fixed an exhaust fan and keep it on for an hour after our shower

I’m no expert in cleaning so I’m just sharing what works for us currently. I hope this simple sharing of mine can motivate you to give your bathroom a good clean-up and the products which have been extremely useful for me will be suitable for you as well!

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