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[Product Review] NooTrees Bamboo-based Paper Products

We’ve were finally able to enjoy the clear skies over the weekend, I took the rare opportunity to open all the balcony doors and windows to air the house and let in some gentle breeze. Haze-free days are now more like a luxury than a norm.

Besides all the inconveniences and health issues that came with the haze, there has been no lack of heart-breaking photos and articles of animals being forced to flee from their natural habitat and some were even badly burnt and injured due to the forest fires.

Before we start pointing fingers at who we think are responsible for this, I believe we, as consumers, can have a huge impact on environmental issues like these.

I’ve been trying to use more environmentally-friendly and sustainable cleaning products in my cleaning routine, such as Method and Full Circle Products. But when it comes to disposable items and paper products, I must admit, I’ve been quite careless.

Thankfully, I got to know about NooTrees (pronounced: /noh-treesː/), which focuses on providing world class bamboo based, 100% sustainable products. They launched a series of sustainable and biodegradable bamboo-based wet wipes and tissue paper products in October with the aim of fixing climate change one tree at a time.

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I have noticed that many household items and even furniture pieces like chopping board, tables and chairs have been using bamboo as an alternative to wood. But it is my first time using bamboo products as an alternative paper source. And I’m pretty impressed by the comprehensive range of paper products that they carry!

NooTrees® Facial Tissue

The facial tissue is made from highly absorbent, 100% biodegradable, sustainable and BPA-free virgin bamboo pulp.

NooTrees® Bamboo Hand Face Family Wet Wipes

Their wet wipes are made from spun-lace bamboo fibre, containing botanical extracts that make the wipes hypo-allergenic and soft on the skin. Besides saving the planet, it’s great for the skin too, what a plus!

And they come in handy travel packs (25 sheets) and pocket packs (10 sheets) too! You can use them ANYWHERE 🙂

NooTrees® SelfSpa Treatment Wipes

Their textured cleansing wipes have to be the most intriguing products of the range! They are made from 100% virgin Eco-Luxe© bamboo spunlace, featuring the Eco-dot technology in the form of special biodegradable exfoliating dots. They come in 3 varieties – Age Impact (Anti Aging with Q10), Aqua Skin (Moisturising with Hydrolic Acid) and Spa Skin (Cleansing with Essential Oils).

They clean off make-up petty well and doesn’t leave a sticky or soapy residue. In fact, cleaning with the wipes felt really refreshing!

Used the cleansing wipes on half of the make-up and the area cleaned off easily

Bumboosa Bamboo baby wipes

Confession – I use baby wipes like they are free (of coz they are NOT FREE, in fact they are so expensive 😐 ) because I just want to make sure Laurent’s bum bum is extra clean. And I always feel so guilty when I see the heaps of wipes I use after every change.

Bumboosa Baby wipes made from renewable, bio-friendly bamboo. Soft, absorbent and naturally scented with lavender and sweet orange essential oils. These unique 100% biodegradable wipes were developed with both the planet and your infants’ sensitive skin in mind. The wipes are also FDA approved, with no harmful chemicals added during the overall production process.

Laurent’s skin seems to be taking it quite well so I feel much better knowing that there is now a suitable and sustainable alternative for his wipes 🙂

Thank you NooTrees for bringing this range of sustainable paper products to our shores and at such an affordable price!

If you’re keen to purchase the NooTree products and do your part for the environment, you can do so at their website and use the promo code “PRAYGREEN” for a 20% discount. Orders over $50 nett will entitle you to free delivery.

You too, can contribute to fixing climate change, one tree at a time.

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