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Selling with Reebonz White Glove Service

I’m not sure if we made the right choice by only allocating 4 slots of our walk-in wardrobe for my bags.

The good thing about it is that I always keep my bag collection in check and it doesn’t grow wildly because I know I don’t have the space for too many bags (is there even such a thing?!). Before I get a new bag, one of my considerations is where am I going to house it properly. And due to the scarcity of space (and me eyeing one, or maybe two, more bags), the thought of selling away some of the bags that I seldom use have long been on my mind.

I just find it too cumbersome to get my acts together to photograph the bags, edit the photos, write attractive descriptions of them and later on attend to a ton of questions, negotiations and requests for viewing, etc. I was enthusiastic enough to do so for 2 of my bags and seriously, it took so much effort and till now, they are still sitting there unsold -_-

When Reebonz shared with me about their White Glove Service and asked if I would like to give it a try and share it with my readers, I thought I’ll give it a shot since I have nothing to lose anyway!

White Glove Service

White Glove is a service by Reebonz to help you with the selling of designer items. It’s a premium (and super convenient) service where Reebonz pick up the items from you and handles all the work involved in selling the items such as professional photography, copywriting and listing the item for sale on their very popular platform.

Minimum Criteria

The basic requirement to qualify for White Glove Service by Reebonz is to have:

    • At least 3 items or more to sell; OR
    • The items you are selling are of at least SGD 5,000 in value.

You can sell the following categories of items through the White Glove Service and each category has a minimum selling price to qualify for the White Glove Service.

Fees Involved

You don’t have to pay any fees up front for all the professional services provided when you sell through White Glove, but Reebonz gets a cut of the final selling price when the item is sold so you will get a percentage payout of the final net selling price (less GST).

You can find out more information of the White Glove Service via the the comprehensive FAQ on the Reebonz website. For now, I’ll share with you what the process was like when I put up some items for sale!

The Process

  1. Arranging for Collection

I first have to let Reebonz know the items that I am going to put on sale. Once they determine that the items meet the minimum criteria, a collection date and timing is set.

  1. Collection of Items

On the date of collection, a representative from Reebonz arrived with some forms for me to sign, tags with Unique Order Number for each of my items and a huge bag to house the items.

The rep checked the items to confirm that they are same as what I’ve informed Reebonz I will be putting on sale. Once all the forms are signed, the items checked and kept in the bag, a safety lock was put on the zip to ensure that the items stay safe until they reach Reebonz.

Prior to the collection, I set aside all the items together with their article tags and original dust bag so the collection process was super fast and convenient. It was all done in less than 15 mins!

  1. Verification of Items

Once the items reach Reebonz, the White Glove ID was created for each of them and I am able to easily track the status via my Reebonz account. With the Reebonz App that I downloaded on my phone, it is even more convenient for me to monitor the status on the go!

The items will first be authenticated and verified by their experienced Ateliers before a selling price is determined. Once verified, I received a notification via email informing me of the change in status and I can also see the status being updated via my account.

  1. Review Offer

After the items are verified, it took a few days for the Ateliers to determine a selling price for the items. I was able to clearly see the suggested sale price and the corresponding amount I will receive after the sale (Take Back Value). There is also a Direct Sell Price which is what Reebonz will pay you if you allow them to buy the item directly from you (not reflected in the screen shot below as this product isn’t eligible for direct sell).

The Ateliers have a wealth of info and resources to determine the selling price of the items, but if you would like to price your items differently, you can send a counter-offer. I did that to test out how it works and the process was super easy! All I had to do was key in the amounts I have in mind and wait for the Ateliers to accept or counter-offer.

  1. On Sale

When the sale price is confirmed, it takes another few days for the items to be put on sale at the Reebonz website, complete with professional photography and copywriting.

  1. Get Paid

I wish I can share more about this stage but my items are still on sale. But you are supposed to receive a notification from Reebonz when your item is sold and you will receive payment from them within 3 working days.

If you choose to be paid in Reebonz credit rather than in cash, you will be paid 20% more than your Take Back Value (in cash)! Super worth it if you have already set eyes on some items you want to get on Reebonz 🙂

My Thoughts About the White Glove Service

After attempting to sell some of my pre-owned items on my own via other platforms, I can truly appreciate the convenience and peace of mind that the White Glove Service brings. Even though the items are not with me, I know they are in safe hands because all items are insured and safely kept in their storage facilities.

I also like that I can clearly see the status of my items from collection to the point it gets sold. But I wish we can have access to some statistics during the On Sale period such as how many viewed, favourited and placed the item in bag. These info might come in handy when we are considering if we want to adjust our pricing subsequently.

I thought the cut they take from the sale price was a little high at first, but I know it’s a small price to pay for the professional services required to get the product ready for sale and also the exposure that the items will receive on their popular website.

The option to get a 20% higher Take Back Value makes the service more attractive as I know I can easily use the credits I receive to purchase something that suits my lifestyle better at this point. I have already started to “favourite” some items that I like so I’m just waiting for my items to sell!

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If you are keen to give the White Glove Service a try, quote ‘Daprayer” to receive $50* OFF your next purchase, when you consign and sell with Reebonz.

Terms and Conditions: *$50 OFF will be in the form of a coupon code. No minimum spend is required for the coupon code. It will only be given when the offer for the item(s) has/have been accepted. This promotion is valid from now to 30 Sep 2017. The coupon code will be given at the end of the campaign period and applicable for use on your next purchase from Coupon code might not be allowed for selected events and merchandise. Reebonz reserves the rights to amend any terms and conditions

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