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Thoughts & Reflection on the Seasons of Love

It’s been a while since I had time to really sit down and enjoy an evening on my own, just spending time doing the things I enjoy and reflecting on life. I love family time and I enjoy nights out with my girlfriends, but being an introvert, I know I can only truly recharge when I spend time on my own. So when Wayne told me he has a  ...

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Laurent, Parenting, Reflection

[Blog Train] Mummy’s Me-Time

It’s 11.30pm on a weekday night, I’m finally done with my mummy duties and housekeeping duties so it’s time for me to start winding down and enjoy some me-time. I’m an INFP so while I love catching up with family and friends over coffee or tea, it is those little pockets of time spent in solitude which helps me to reflect, relax and recharge.  ...

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Love, Reflection

Of Full Heart and Empty Stomach

These few days had been tough. Real tough. Everything was fine over the week and all of a sudden, BAM. I get 7 ulcers in my mouth, a scalded tongue and a sore throat. Ok, I know it’s not really a huge deal but it’s so irritating to be really hungry and unable to get food down because even drinking water hurts! 2 days  ...

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