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How to Put Your Child to Bed in 15 Minutes

It’s the end of the day and you are looking forward to that 1 hour of precious me-time to indulge in a book or a nice couple of hours to have a decent chat with the husband. But we have to get the little one out of the way to sleep first, right? I don’t know about you, but I’ve had days when bedtime is spelt  ...

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[Home & Living] Laurent’s Room Revamp Part 2 with Upsy Daisy

Here’s Part 2 of Laurent’s room revamp, just in time for the Chinese New Year! For Part 1 of his room revamp, I was focusing more on getting some items to store his books and toys. For the 2nd part of his room revamp, I focused more on the decorative elements and personalising of his room. This time round, I’m super thrilled to share with you  ...

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[Homebound] Walk-in Wardrobe Organising and Laundry Care with Method

I’m back to share with you guys another part of our home! This is the space which we deliberated about for the longest time during our renovation process. And it’s not because we had the typical wife’s-dream-closet-but-husband’s-nightmare kind of debate. In fact, I think Wayne was the one who was more certain we needed  ...

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[Home & Living] Bathroom Cleaning with Method and Full Circle

I’ll be completely honest here – I’ve always regarded bathroom cleaning as a dirty job. So for the first 2 years of having our own place, Wayne had been the one stuck with this item on our list of chores. During my maternity leave last year, I thought I’d try to do as much of the housework as I can so that Wayne can spend more time with  ...

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