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Dealing with Loss and Grief – Our Experience

It’s been a month since the date that will forever be etched in our hearts – 12 Oct 2017. We went from counting the number of days that have passed, to number of weeks and now we’re counting in months. We are feeling much better now compared to a month back, but do things simply get better because of the time that has passed? Is time  ...

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Hello Ellie, Goodbye Ellie

It’s been more than 2 weeks since the arrival and departure of our dear Baby Ellie, and looking back, it’s starting to feel like a dream because things are going back to how they used to be. I know I have to jot this down in writing soon, before I forget the little details and everything becomes a faded memory. I haven’t  ...

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Our 2nd Pregnancy – Updates at Week 24

I was in the midst of writing about my Amniocentesis experiences and had wanted to complete that first before sharing this update. But we received our 2nd Amnio report last week and went for a follow-up scan with my gynae just 2 days back so I thought I’ll update soon because just these 2 days, we had so many people checking in on us  ...

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[Review] D’Elegance – Quality Shapewear for Your Ideal Silhouette

Many ladies I know, have had occasions where they needed the assistance of shape wear to help create a nicer silhouette or to fit into a special dress for a special occasion. I had to enlist the help of shapewear to sculpt my body shape on 2 occasions in the past – first time was for my wedding day (you know, brides need to fits into  ...

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Bump Style

As I was clearing photos from my phone and camera to make space for more baby photos, I was looking though my pregnancy photos and realised I kinda miss my bump 🙂 Looking back, those 40 weeks wearing the bump seemed to have passed by in a flash when initially, 40 weeks sounded like such a long time. The recommended weight gain as instructed by  ...

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Baby L – The Birth Story

In a blink of an eye, Baby Laurent is already 1 week old 🙂 3.35pm – this time, last week, I was probably in the clinic waiting to see Dr Tan about my contractions. But before I go into details, let me start from the beginning 😉 Week 39, Day 5 – 10 July, Thursday Just after blogging about my last baking post, I went to the toilet  ...

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Baby Law-RAWn

Today I’m going to share a little about Baby L’s name – Laurent 🙂 When people hear his name, they’ll first ask me how to spell it, then most of them will ask me why this name because it is rather uncommon. Laurent is a French name so the pronunciation is a little different from the typical way we pronounce English names. As many (or  ...

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Baby L – Baby Room Set-up

We are officially 1 month away from Baby L’s EDD of 12 July! Almost everyone has been asking me if we are ready for his arrival… I guess one can never say that they are really prepared for the arrival of their little one, no matter how much preparation they have done! But at least, we’ve set up the cot and washed his little bedding set  ...

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