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Joining the 30s Club

I don’t usually do a birthday blog post but my birthday this year had been a really special one. I feel like I need to jot down this wonderful piece of memory because every time I think about the amazing people in my life who made my birthday celebration extra special this year, I can’t help but feel like my heart is filled to the  ...

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Empowered to Empower

Happy International Women’s Day! This post may come off as being totally random, but I just want to take this opportunity to give thanks for the beautiful women in my life and to talk about how we can continue to support and inspire one another. Of Love & Positivity I am very thankful for the women I have in my life – many of  ...

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Laurent, Parenting, Reflection

Mama Turns Two & My Letter to Laurent

We celebrated Laurent’s 2nd birthday over the weekend with a staycation at Sofitel Sentosa and a trip to USS, followed by a dinner gathering with his favourite people and a mini birthday celebration in school on his actual day. It’s a celebration for Laurent turning two, but it is also a celebration for mummy and daddy turning two. A  ...

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My First Mother’s Day

My mum has always been telling me, Mother’s Day is nothing special, it’s just like any other day. But this year, being my first Mother’s Day as a mum, it definitely feels special. Yes, even though Laurent is too young to even understand the notion of Mother’s Day, not to mention celebrate for me. I guess it’s more  ...

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Quiet Mornings

I haven’t been sleeping through the night for quite some time now, but last night was a little worse because I’m down with food poisoning. My stomach has been on the weaker side this year, I’m not sure why. And just as the sky starts to brighten, I was hit by hunger pang before I could fall back to sleep. Likely because I do  ...

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[Poppy Kitchen] Apple and Red Dates Beverage

Been extremely domestic these few days – resting, reading, cleaning the house, making meals, doing laundry. It’s nothing exciting, really, except that the reason for our domestication was due to Wayne getting into a close-shaved accident. But being at home, enjoying the breeze winding through the house, the gentle touches of the sunlight  ...

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