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Our 2nd Pregnancy – Updates at Week 24

I was in the midst of writing about my Amniocentesis experiences and had wanted to complete that first before sharing this update. But we received our 2nd Amnio report last week and went for a follow-up scan with my gynae just 2 days back so I thought I’ll update soon because just these 2 days, we had so many people checking in on us  ...

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Joining the 30s Club

I don’t usually do a birthday blog post but my birthday this year had been a really special one. I feel like I need to jot down this wonderful piece of memory because every time I think about the amazing people in my life who made my birthday celebration extra special this year, I can’t help but feel like my heart is filled to the  ...

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Hand Lettering & DIY, Reflection

Empowered to Empower

Happy International Women’s Day! This post may come off as being totally random, but I just want to take this opportunity to give thanks for the beautiful women in my life and to talk about how we can continue to support and inspire one another. Of Love & Positivity I am very thankful for the women I have in my life – many of  ...

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