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Baby L – The Birth Story

In a blink of an eye, Baby Laurent is already 1 week old 🙂

3.35pm – this time, last week, I was probably in the clinic waiting to see Dr Tan about my contractions. But before I go into details, let me start from the beginning 😉

Week 39, Day 5 – 10 July, Thursday

Just after blogging about my last baking post, I went to the toilet and noticed some spotting. So I excitedly messaged Wayne as I suspect my mucus plug is coming off.

The light spotting continued and I called the clinic. As expected, they told me to monitor since that was the only symptom and the mucus plug could take days, even up to a week to come off completely.

Although it wasn’t the drama I was expecting, at least I’m seeing signs of labour!

Wayne was almost as equally excited and cleared his work in case things progressed faster than expected.

While the spotting continued, the evening went on peacefully and I didn’t feel any different.

Week 39, Day 6 – 11 July, Friday

At about 3+am in the morning, I woke up with a tummy ache. I thought it was just a normal tummy ache but it persisted on for the next hour… and the next.

I gave up trying to sleep and went out to watch TV till 6+ in the morning. Wayne decided to take leave that day ‘just in case’.

The discomfort of the stomach continued on for the day. I tried timing it but it is regular for a period of time, then became slightly erratic, so I can’t quite decide if the discomfort can be considered as contractions.

I decided to give the clinic a call after the scheduled maintenance for the washing machine is done, the delivery man has came to make a long overdue collection, we had our lunch and of course, after my all important last ‘proper’ shower.

By then it was already 2pm. After describing the signs, Sister Han told me to make my way down to the clinic. While we excitedly went with all the barangs in preparation for the real thing, we also prepared ourselves mentally that there is a possibility that I was really having a bad case of tummy ache and baby won’t be arriving yet.

Nonetheless, we took a photo to commemorate what could be the last selfie of our couplehood!


At the clinic, Dr Tan did an examination and….

I was 3cm dilated by then! So THAT was really how contraction feels like.

She burst my water bag on the spot and after that I was sent to the delivery suite on a wheelchair. It felt really odd to be on the wheelchair as I was feeling perfectly fine.

Wayne was sent to collect all the barangs for our ‘staycation’ and all the documents for the check-in and registration.

By the time I settled down at the delivery suite, it was 4pm.

I was given a shot of liquid to clear my bowels and after that, I was strapped to the CTG to monitor my contractions and baby’s heart rate.


Those peaks you see in the last graph (in black), those are the contractions.

Wayne returned to the delivery suite after the registration and started taking test shots to make sure the setting is just right for capturing his little darling when he arrives.

IMG_1401 IMG_4464

IMG_4466 IMG_4467

The thought of having epidural was still lingering at a dark corner of my mind, although I had pretty much decided I would take it only if I needed to be induced. But when Dr Tan came by about 1 hr later to check on my dilation, she told me I’m 4cm dilated and apparently coping well as I was still smiling and joking with her. Based on her experience, by the time I really needed the epidural, baby would be coming out soon.

During the contractions, we prayed about the delivery and Wayne played the hypnobirthing tracks which I downloaded into the iPad. And I practiced the deep breathing techniques taught at the antenatal class. They really helped me to cope better with the contractions which are starting to get more intense.

I managed to still have my dinner around 6pm and the whole time, Wayne was relaxing comfortably at the recliner arm chair next to me, reading magazine and commenting on my contraction intervals.

After clearing my food, the nurses taught me how to use the laughing gas. I tried a few breaths, changed 3 nozzles and finally realised that the outlet of the nozzle was faulty 😐

They finally managed to get it to work and I started breathing some during the contractions.

IMG_4469Then I ditched it after a while and just concentrated on my deep breathing as I couldn’t feel much effect from the gas.

1 over hour later, I started to feel like I need to go to the toilet, but remembered that it could be the feeling of bearing down. So I called for the nurses and Dr Tan appeared in a short while.

After another examination, she told me I was more than 9cm dilated.

That was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting baby to arrive close to midnight! I was so worried about the active labour process, I asked the nurses if the pushing will be very painful.

And they replied that the contraction I’m feeling now is supposed to be even more unbearable.

Wayne jumped up at the mention of my 9cm dilation and started packing the stuff. He was instructed to hold one of my knees and my back to help me with my pushing. He was constantly saying words of encouragement and erm, trying to get himself into a comfortable position in case the pushing takes a long time.

When everyone is in position, I did a trial ‘push’ during 1 of the contractions. I seemed to be focusing my ‘push’ on my face so they kept telling me to ‘divert’ my push below.

For the next 2 contractions, I pushed hard and after 6 pushes, through half-closed eyes, I see a little being held up in the air, kicking, waving and wailing away.

Apparently, he even tried to reach for Dr Tan’s swab when he came out.

Time check, just before 8pm.

Here are some of Baby Laurent’s first moments 🙂

IMG_4474 IMG_4475 IMG_4476


This little dude was only 2.51kg at birth but Dr Tan and the nurses were all impressed by his strength and erm… powerful vocals 😛

We’ve been praying everyday for a smooth and beautiful birthing process where I can feel God’s peace with me and one which, when I reminisce in the future, comes to mind as a beautiful and sweet memory. We know that anything can happen during the delivery and we could only commit the process to God.

I thank God that it was so much better than what I imagined. Less than 4 hours in the delivery suite, 9 pushes and no complication. His plans are always better and more amazing than we could ever imagine. And for the God-given strength, peace and courage to make it through the delivery process – one of my greatest fears!

Most importantly, thank God for my lovely family ❤️


The way Laurent looks at me in the photo above still makes my heart melt…



IMG_1462 IMG_1474 IMG_4530


  1. Jasmine

    November 4, 2014 at 10:19 am

    Hi, I’m searching for the birth process as i’m giving birth soon and came across your blog. May I ask some questions? I heard that the feeling of childbirth is similar to passing motion and i’m quite worried about this. If that’s really the case, will we be given medication to help us pass motion before the delivery? Thank you!

    1. Da.W.N.

      November 12, 2014 at 11:55 am

      Hi Jasmine!! Congrats and hope I’m not too late in replying your question! You will typically be administered with a jet of liquid when they are preparing you for delivery. Within minutes after the shot, you will feel like going to the loo and will be able to clear almost all your bowel. Not a great experience but it’s necessary haha

      All the best for your delivery, jia you mummy!!

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