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Baby L – Week 34

Baby L will be in his 34th week in another 2 days’ time and we just went for his latest check-up yesterday 🙂

I gained another KG over these 2 weeks and half of the weight went to him. He is now close to 2.4kg. Hope he’ll keep up with the growth!

Toilet runs have been getting more frequent these days, especially during the night. And no matter which side I lie, it’s just not comfortable. But I’m trying my best to grab as much sleep as I can before Baby L’s arrival. After which, I believe sleep will be scarce.

I get hungry very easily these days but I can’t take very heavy meals in one sitting because the heartburn and refluxes are back. Although not as bad as the first trimester. Yet.

Dr says he is still in the right position so hopefully he’ll be a darling boy and stay there till it’s time for him to make his grand entrance (or exit, depending on how we see it).

In another 2 weeks’ time we’ll be going for the 36-week check-up and some examinations before it is officially just a month away from the EDD. In fact, from 36 weeks onwards, the little dude could be arriving any time! *Note-to-self: Pack the hospital bag!*

Most of Baby L’s items are ready. We’ve placed the car seat in the boot, cleared a wardrobe for his things and the cot is also up 🙂 We’re using the study room as his make-shift baby room because it has more space, but we still hope to make his little corner more personalised 🙂 Will probably show some photos when it’s ready!

Today, we’ve also put his little clothes into the laundry 🙂 Thank God for the lovely sunny weather that makes drying a lot faster!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReally thankful for all the hand-me-downs and gifts from colleagues, friends and family. Baby L now has more than a drawer full of clothes and BIL just told us that he got Baby L more clothes from London!

I sense that wardrobe space will be a tricky issue for us in the future 😐

Besides setting up the baby room, the other thing we were really excited about was the arrival of the baby bag (ok it’s not the most important thing but it is, after all, a BAG! And bags deserve some attention 😛 )!

We have been looking around for a suitable baby bag and shortlisted a few of them. We wanted something more unisex so Wayne wont look too weird carrying it. But after contemplating about the price, trying the bags we originally wanted more than a few times and listening to advices from fellow mummies, we decided not to get any of the ones we shortlisted previously.

Then we stumbled upon something online which we really like (at a quarter of the price) 😀



We ordered this bag from the Pottery Barn Kids and loved the fact that we are able to customise the initials on the bag 🙂 We haven’t decided on Baby L’s full name so we used the initials WDL instead – Wayne. Dawn. Laurent 🙂

The finishing is lovely and the bag is really light. Just hope that the bag is suitable for its use!

Speaking of bags…

I was telling Wayne that I’m thinking of getting a small sling bag so that I can easily access the essential stuff like wallet, tissue packs, keys and phone especially when I need to carry baby or lug along the giant baby bag.

Was scouring the internet for a suitable bag and stumbled upon the Givenchy Pandora Mini. After a ton of research and trying it at the boutique, I told Wayne I really like it 😀

And here’s my baby gift from the hubs!


Given it’s size, it is seriously spacious and I could easily fit my long wallet and pouch in the bigger compartment at the back and my phone in the front compartment. I believe it’ll make a good travelling bag too (not that I’ll be travelling any time soon 😐 ). Most importantly, it looks so worn-in, it’s gonna be a seriously low maintenance bag (the last thing I need is to baby a bag when I literally have a baby on hand!).

And erm… you know pregnant ladies… we don’t have a lot of clothes and shoes choices now so bags are really one of those few things left for us to pay attention to.

AND because it is the sales season… I managed to steal an awesome deal online for an Alexander McQueen Demanta clutch which I had been lusting over since the honeymoon 😀


It was going at less than half the price sold locally and I’ve always wanted something from AMCQ (you know.. the leather, the black, the skull…). I couldn’t resist!

And I got a buy-in when I told the hubs, “It’s called the Demanta clutch because it looks like the manta rays you get so excited about during your dive trips!”

Yeah, now he adores the bag too 😛

Ok, I’m going back to messing around the baby room now. I’m enjoying it so much, I suspect I’m in the nesting stage!


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