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Baby Law-RAWn

Today I’m going to share a little about Baby L’s name – Laurent 🙂


When people hear his name, they’ll first ask me how to spell it, then most of them will ask me why this name because it is rather uncommon.

Laurent is a French name so the pronunciation is a little different from the typical way we pronounce English names.

As many (or most) French words, the “t” in Laurent is silent, and his name is pronounced: “Law-RAWn.”

Contrary to ‘popular beliefs’, I did not name him Laurent after YSL (although, I DO like YSL).

Prior to our honeymoon, Wayne and I often talked about the Baby topic, but we’ve always arrived at the conclusion that we would like to enjoy couple hood for a little while more.

However, the thought of baby names has always lingered on my mind. There are nice baby names, there are baby names with beautiful meanings and there are baby names that once you come across it, you know it’s the one.

I came across the name Laurent when I was reading this lovely book during our UK-Paris honeymoon last year.


I could still remember picking this book off a towering oak bookshelf of an old, local bookstore in Dublin. It was the 3rd book I was reading while we traveled and I wanted to read about a story set in Paris as I was really looking forward to returning to the beautiful city 🙂

Halfway through the book, as I read about Laurent, the French beau of the main character, I randomly told Wayne, “Laurent. If we have a baby boy next time, let’s name him Laurent.”


Oh yes, Laurent is a Parisian dessert chef in the story hurhur 😀

What makes Laurent’s name even more special to us, is that this little dude is “made in France” 🙂

We don’t know if it’s the charm of Paris, the romantic allure of the Eiffel tower (which we visited almost everyday) or the seemingly well-behaved Parisian kids that we saw, but we both agreed then that we were ready to embrace parenthood.

Whatever it is, we believe it’s all part of God’s amazing plan, that everything just fell in place (even the part where I think both of us were secretly wishing for a baby boy).

Baby  Laurent, we can’t wait to hold you in our arms 🙂

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