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[Home & Living] 5 Reasons Why You Need a Dyson Cord-free Vacuum

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Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum 1

Confession – Before I had the chance to own a Dyson cord-free vacuum, I already have 3 vacuum cleaners at home. And no, I’m not a “vacuum-a-holic”.

I started off having a “normal” vacuum cleaner which I used enthusiastically in my weekly cleaning routine. Then after a year of vacuuming, we decided to get a robot vacuum to help with the daily vacuuming that was taking too much time (and bores the heck out of me). Shortly after, I was pregnant and was sold into getting a water-based vacuum which could double up as an air-purifier and has an amazing attachment for vacuuming the mattress.

Now with my arsenal of vacuums, I thought I’m covered and I have no need for any more vacuums.

But every time I accidentally scatters something on the floor or has my craft table full of eraser shedding after working on my hand lettering pieces, I had to turn to the manual broom and dustpan (which, honestly, is not an effective cleaning tool). And while my robot vacuum does a pretty decent job in keeping my floors clean on a daily basis, I wish I have a similar device for shelves and other surfaces as well.

Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum 4

When Dyson sent me one of their cord-free vacuum, the DC62, to try out, I finally realised what was missing. Something light, portable and convenient, but cleans with a vengeance. I’ve tried the Dyson cord-free vacuum for a few months and here are 5 good reasons why you need one at home too!

Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum 2

1. Handy and Convenient

If you keep the Dyson cord-free vacuum on its charging dock, it will always be charged and you can conveniently use it ANY time you need help in cleaning up some dusty mess.

With its signature cord-free design, there is no need to mess with wires and plugs so you can use it anywhere in the house and even use it for vacuuming your car! Hands up if you have been looking for a decent car vacuum that does an amazing job but doesn’t take up your boot space!

2. Light and compact

 Weighing only about 2kg, the Dyson cord-free vacuum, DC62, can be easily carried and used with one hand. It’s light weight and ergonomic design allows me to reach tight corners and high places such as fan blades and top of shelves easily.

The compact design of the Dyson cord-free vacuum takes up minimal space when docked in its docking station which can be easily installed on the wall. Best of all, with its good looks, you can even hang it out in the open for all to see and it wouldn’t cramp your style! I happened to have some wall space in my pantry which is close to a socket so I decided to install the docking station there instead.

3. Versatile Uses & Cleans Effectively

The Dyson cord-free vacuum is extremely portable, handy and comes with several useful attachments which makes it suitable for a plethora of different uses across various surfaces.

Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum 9

As mentioned above, its cord-free and compact design allows you to clean difficult to reach places like ceiling fan and top of shelves with ease. The fully charged DC62 allows for about half and hour of continuous vacuuming so you can even bring it down to the carpark to vacuum your car! Besides using it to clean the floor, shelves and surfaces, the mattress attachment allows you to vacuum mattresses and bedding effectively. The photo below shows the amount of dirt/ dust/ dead skin cell/ whatever-icky-things-you-call-it collected from my mattress after a quick 5 minutes vacuum with my Dyson cord-free vacuum.

Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum 8

This photo always make me shudders and want to whip out my DC62 to give my bed a good vacuum before I sleep!

4. Easy to clean

When it comes to the normal vacuum and our robot vacuum, I always leave the cleaning out of the vacuum bag/ container to Wayne because I hate to deal with all the dust and also because I always forget to empty them out when they are full. But for my Dyson cord-free vacuum, I always make it a point to empty out the dust from the bin after every use because it is SO SIMPLE to do so!

To empty the bin, simply click to release the catch at the bottom of the bin and knock the dust out of the bin. I will occasionally wipe it to make sure dust does not gather in the crevices. All of which you can easily see through the transparent design.

It is also recommended to wash the filter under running water every few months and your vacuum will continue to work like new. But remember to let your filter dry completely before placing it back into the vacuum to use!

Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum 6

Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum 7

5. Encourages Cleaning

This is probably my favourite reason for owning a Dyson cord-free vacuum.

With such a handy and convenient vacuum, you will have no excuse to NOT clean up. It’s a hassle with traditional vacuums because we need to roll out the monster from its storage area, mess with the cord and find a socket that is near enough before we can start our cleaning. And when we’re cleaning, the cords always get in the way, we have to keep changing sockets and some are so heavy it’s (literally) a chore to use.

But with the Dyson cord-free vacuum, we can simply lift it off the docking station and attack the mess immediately. No inertia to start cleaning at all! This also means that other family members are more likely to use it and help with the cleaning up rather than leave the mess lying around.

Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum 10

Things to Note

Let’s be honest here. While I LOVE the Dyson cord-free vacuum, it is not perfect.

I believe it is a great cleaning tool to have at home but I would personally still have a normal vacuum on hand and use that for deep cleaning every couple of weeks.

The main reason why I would recommend that is because the fully charged DC62 can only allow for about 30 mins of continuous vacuuming so practically, I can never complete vacuuming my entire house with a single charge.

That said, after using my Dyson cord-free vacuum for several months now, I will still recommend everyone who asks to invest in one because it makes daily cleaning up so much more efficient and convenient 🙂

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