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Happy International Women’s Day!

This post may come off as being totally random, but I just want to take this opportunity to give thanks for the beautiful women in my life and to talk about how we can continue to support and inspire one another.

Of Love & Positivity

I am very thankful for the women I have in my life – many of them are empathetic, loving, encouraging, inspiring and always pushing me to become a better version of myself through the life they lead.

From the women in my family, to the girlfriends I grew up with, from fellow mamas I got to know online, to inspiring women I look up to. There is always someone there giving me understanding smiles when I complain about a difficult time, hugs and encouraging words when I need lifting up, and telling me “you are enough” when I lament about my imperfections.

Sometimes they may not even know it, but their words of concern and encouragement or even something they post on their social media, which comes at the right time can be so healing and uplifting. So if you have a positive thought or some loving words, don’t hesitate to share it! You have no idea what that dose of positivity can do to someone’s day, or even someone’s life.

Of Competition & Keeping Up

I sometimes hear about competition and not matching up to someone we look up to. But when I look around me, I see that all the women in my life who are strong and beautiful in their own ways, leading lives that are fulfilling in their own terms. All of us are at different stages of our lives with different priorities and different life circumstances. What we value or enjoy in life are not the same as everyone else’s so don’t be too bothered by what others have or how others are living because life is beautiful in so many different ways.

What we take for granted may be what someone else is praying for and what we admire in another person’s life may have come with sacrifices beyond our imagination. The best thing we can do with our lives is to live everyday with gratitude, knowing that we are enough and we have enough.

Of Empowering One Another

All of us are blessed with different resources – some of us have more knowledge in our fields of expertise, some of us have certain gifts, some of us have more flexibility of time, some of us have more financial resources, some of us are better with cooking (have to bring cooking up because I’m surrounded with friends who can cook so well and they are such a blessing!). When we have more of something, it doesn’t simply make us “better”. It makes us be in a better position to share, to give, to contribute, to bless and to empower others.

Sometimes we don’t like to share because we don’t want others to become better than us, in which case, refer to the point above – there is no competition because we are all leading different lives.

But sometimes we don’t like to share because we don’t feel like we have anything significant to share with others. I believe we ALL have something that we can share with someone else. It may be something that comes so naturally to you that you didn’t think it matters to other people. It may be the way you bring comfort to people who are going through a tough time, it may be your enthusiastic demeanor that inspires people to take action, it may be your ability to create beautiful things that lift people’s spirits, it may even be your sharing of failures that make others feel like they are not alone on their journeys.

Take this post for example. I am fully aware of how haphazard it may seem because I’m just typing as the thoughts come to my mind. But I thought I’ll write and post it anyway because I just want to share some thoughts about how as women, we can celebrate and empower one another. I’m not sure if everything here makes sense to all of you, but even if just one part of it speaks to just one of you, I feel like this post has already done something positive.

Before I end this post, I just want to share with you the free printable for the month of March, in celebration of International Women’s Day. This time, it comes in 3 (slightly different) variations because I personally can’t decide which one I liked most! To download, please click on this link to sign up for my mailing list where I will be sharing a freebie every month 🙂

Let us keep sharing and empowering one another!


  1. Susan

    March 9, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    What an uplifting post and reminder for us to be the best version of ourselves and remembering to lift those around us. You have such a positive spirit Dawn and may it encourage all around you too.

    1. daprayerfp@gmail.com

      March 17, 2017 at 2:53 pm

      Hi Susan, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I sure hope we can keep spreading positive vibes around 😀

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