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Friso Experience More Together – Friso Experiences Play Set

I’ve been bugging Wayne to buy a teepee for me Laurent for the longest time but the very practical daddy says “nay”.

So when Friso wanted to send us the Friso Experiences Play Set, I immediately went “oh-yes-please-do!”

Laurent has been sleeping in our room during the haze season so there was just enough space in his bedroom to set up his Friso wonderland 🙂

 He was extremely intrigued by the slide when it arrived, but when the teepee was up, he immediately made a dash for it. I placed my throw on the grass carpet to make it more comfortable and brought him his favourite bedtime story books. He immediately snuggled between the pillows and started “reading” them. This is exactly how I would have wanted my childhood reading nook to be!

Wayne, on the other hand, was hoping for more fun and action so he lured him out of the tent with the ball and started training him to do some dunks.

Laurent is still not very good with climbing and sliding on his own, but he really love the slide! We’ll place him on the top of the slide and say 1-2-3 before he releases his hands and come sliding into our arms, accompanied by a little shriek 🙂 And when we ask him, “again?”, he’ll nod his head with such enthusiasm and go “YES!”

Nowadays, if he suddenly becomes all quiet when we’re at home, I’ll find him sitting comfortably in the teepee, flipping through his books. But when daddy is around, I’ll hear pearls of crazy laughter coming from the room and see the 2 boys throwing a ball at each other or Laurent sliding into daddy’s arms.

Thank you Friso for helping us to create a little wonderland for Laurent, where his laughter rings and where he could play and dream, every day of the week!

Now you can create a wonderland for your little ones too!

From 1 September 2015 to 31 October 2015, parents who spend $350 on any Friso participating products (Frisomum, Friso Gold Cereal and Friso Gold 2, 3, 4) at participating retailers will receive the Friso Experiences Play Set. It consists of a tent, a slide with a basketball hoop, 2 cushions, a storage box and a green carpet.You can visit Friso’s Facebook page to find our more information!

Photo Credit: Friso Facebook Page

During the weekends, do visit and take photos of your little ones at the Friso Experience Play Zones to win the following amazing prizes!

  • Upload or tag (#FrisoExperience) your photos to win $5 or $10 Friso vouchers instantly
  • Weekly Prizes: The 20 most creative entries will win a Friso limited edition luggage, storage box or $20 voucher
  • Grand Prizes: Each month, 15 grand prize winners will be selected from the top 30 most voted entries. The top 3 will win Go Pro Cameras while the rest will receive Skoot Ride on Suitcases.

Location of Friso Experiences Play Zones

Guardian Causeway Point (B3-4) – 28 Sep to 4 Oct

Sheng Siong Woodlands 6A 
- 1 to 31 Oct

Sheng Siong Bedok 209 – 
1 to 31 Oct

Have fun and experience more with your little ones for their imagination and laughter are the most amazing gifts you can find 🙂

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