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[Giveaway] StickerKid Labels & Stickers

Recently, Laurent’s infant care teachers just told us that they are making some changes to his nap and feeding routine so that he can be accustomed to the toddlers’ timetable when he move over to playgroup in 3 months’ time.

It was then that we suddenly realise he has been in infant care for a good 7 months! How time flies…

I was looking at all his bottles and containers which we usually bring to infant care and thought about how excited we were when we were labelling his belongings for his first day of “school”.

Those name labels were definitely showing signs of 7 months worth of washing and steaming. Some of the labels have even fallen off and the teachers had to write his initials in marker 😐

We’ve just received our set of new name labels from StickerKid so I decided to change all the labels for his infant care belonging to the new ones.

Chris and Doerthe are the Swiss-German couple behind StickerKid and all the stickers and labels are lovingly manufactured by them in Switzerland. The team takes great care in selecting the materials, papers, inks and machines used in completing the products to ensure that they are of top quality.

StickerKid offers a wide range of sticker and label products, from stickers for clothes and belongings to identification bracelets and even wall decals!

There are also different font types and pictures to customise the stickers.

I chose a yellow sticker with black font for Laurent because I love the pop of colour on his belongings and it makes it really easy to spot his stuff!

And I love how the stickers for his shoes turned out looking like big smiley faces 😀

Their iron-on name labels for clothes comes in permanent and removable versions. The stickers can be easily applied with an iron and can be machine washed up to 45 times at 60°C. The removable versions can be removed from the clothes without a trace by applying heat on it. Very useful when you need to pass down the clothes to someone else!

The quality of the stickers are really good and you can feel it the moment you peel it of its backing. They are also very flexible and malleable which makes it very easy to stick them on any surface, even curved ones.

Below are more awesome qualities of the products from StickerKid.

Discount Code and Giveaway

If you’re preparing your child for his or her childcare or primary school entrance, do check out StickerKid and order a set of stickers and labels for your child’s belongings! Or if you’re already using some stickers but find them to be in terrible condition, like me, change them all to the ones from StickerKid! I believe you’ll find them as useful as I do 🙂

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The lovely team from StickerKid would also like to give away a set of 30 an labels for books & folders to 1 lucky reader!

To participate in the giveaway, simply click on the link below.

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