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[Home & Living] Kitchen Clean-up With Method & Full Circle

How did you spend your long weekend?

We managed to catch some fresh air in the park after breakfast last Friday¬†morning and spent the rest of the day giving our home a major deep cleaning. It was seriously back-breaking, but absolutely rewarding ūüôā I took the chance to take photos of part¬†of the process (incl before & after photos) and I can‚Äôt wait to share with you a little tip on making your chrome shower fittings shine like BRAND NEW! But that will have to wait till the bathroom cleaning post of the series ūüėČ

Since we were just showing you guys our kitchen in the previous post, I thought it will be useful for me to share about our kitchen cleaning routine. It’s nothing revolutionary, I’m just sharing some of the products I use to make the cleaning process more enjoyable and some gentle reminders on areas we tend to miss out during our cleaning.

Last Saturday, I offered to make breakfast and we had a very simple brunch with bread, jam and butter, all freshly churned out from the kitchen. I’m quite embarrassed to say but when I’m the one prepping food in the kitchen, it looks like a tornado just past through. And I still haven’t gotten around to practicing cleaning-as-I-cook. So after the (simple) meal, there is still a lot of things to clean up.

Here’s a look at the cleaning process!

1. Rearrange  the dirty dishes in the sink 

If you have a huge/ double sink in your kitchen, I envy you. My kitchen sink isn‚Äôt massive so my first step to tackling an ‚Äúoverflowing” kitchen sink is to rearrange the dirty dishes so that I have more space to work with.

But before that, make sure you scrape/ wipe away all the food debris so that they do not end up clogging the sink.

2. Use a good dish soap and suitable cleaning tools

I‚Äôve been using Method Dish Soap for years. I love it because it¬†cuts grease and cleans well, smells amazing,¬†¬†looks beautiful sitting on my counter-top and most importantly, because I hate wearing gloves when I clean. I feel comfortable cleaning with my bare hands when I use Method products because all their functional ingredients are non-toxic and naturally derived. They are not harmful to the environment and they are not harmful to my skin ūüôā

Having the right tool for the job can also help to preserve some elbow grease and keep the dishes in pristine condition.

I use the SUDS UP РSPONGE WITH SOAP DISPENSER for the dishes. The soap dispensing function helps to conserve the quantity of soap used to wash each dish and reduce the likelihood of the first dish getting too heavy a dose of dish soap while the last dish in line gets close to none.

The handle allows me to reach into bottles and all containers easily. I also like that it is able to stand upright, keeping the sponge off the counter-top when drying.

For oddly-shaped things that are not prone to scratches, I will use the SUDS UP РBRUSH WITH SOAP DISPENSER to get to all the nooks and crannies.

I also find it particularly useful for cleaning wire gauze which includes the one in the Airfryer!

For burnt/ heavily stained pots and pans, there’s no need to fret over them or contemplate throwing them away, just give them the¬†baking soda + vinegar treatment!

3. Wipe Surfaces

I’ll give the kitchen counter-top, followed by the stove and the dining table a good spray with¬†the Method All Purpose Cleaner, let it sit for a short while, and return to attack the grease and grime with¬†the¬†SQUEEZE CELLULOSE CLOTHS.

For stubborn stains, especially around the stove, I’ll use THE EDGE MICROFIBER SCRUBBY CLOTH¬†to give it a good scrub.

Check out how sparkling clean the stove looks after a good wipe-down!

Sometimes, when I find that the dining table is losing it‚Äôs natural lustre, I will use the Method Wood For Good Spray to clean and buff our dining table to give it a healthy glean ūüėÄ

4. Clean the Sink

I know some people don’t really clean the sink because they think that all the soap and water flowing from the dishes will be sufficient to keep the sink clean. No matter how “clean” I think the sink is, I will still give the sink a good scrub and rinse after all the cleaning.

One area which I used to miss out from the cleaning routine is the kitchen stopper. Remember to flip it over and give it a good rinse to prevent scums from accumulating there!

I’ll also wipe and buff¬†the kitchen sink fittings¬†just to make the job look complete ūüôā *Feel good factor!*

Oh, and if you’re shopping for your kitchen sink, please get one with a rounded edge. I used to have one with straight edges and it was such a pain to keep the corners clean!

5. Clean the Floor

The final part of the kitchen cleaning process is to wipe the floor. If there’s no heavy cooking, I will just Magic Clean the floor. Otherwise, I will give it the full treatment using the Method Squirt + Mop All Floor Cleaner. Just squirt and mop, SO EASY! *Cues Visa PayWave Uncle*

We usually leave all the cooking to the weekends so on normal weekdays, when there is no cooking, I’ll just give the counter-top a very quick wipe down to remove the dust and any water mark. Our post-cooking cleaning up process during the weekend, as described above, acts as a weekly deep-cleaning for the kitchen.

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