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Mama Turns Two & My Letter to Laurent

We celebrated Laurent’s 2nd birthday over the weekend with a staycation at Sofitel Sentosa and a trip to USS, followed by a dinner gathering with his favourite people and a mini birthday celebration in school on his actual day.

Laurent's 2nd Bday - celebration

It’s a celebration for Laurent turning two, but it is also a celebration for mummy and daddy turning two.

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Two years felt like it just flashed past without a warning but as I read my first letter to Laurent, I’m reminded of how much we have grown together over the past year.

Laurent Turns Two - Family Photos

Since his first birthday, Laurent has learnt to walk and is now running and jumping. He has been speaking words, forming phrases and has been trying to communicate with us in his own expressive and dramatic ways.

Laurent's 2nd Bday

We have been singing songs together and he has been completing sentences from his bedtime stories. He has also grown into quite a foodie and could sit and eat his way through a 10-course wedding dinner without much effort on my part in getting food into his mouth.


He has also become a lot more cooperative in being my little OOTD model and would even pose for his school check-out photos every evening.

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Although I felt less involved in Laurent’s growth and development in my second year of motherhood as I started going back to work when he turned 8 months, I am thankful that he is at a place where he could learn, play, interact and grow.

Laurent's 2nd Bday - school celebration

I am not good with structured learning and would rather spend time sharing experiences with him and letting him learn in an organic manner – like showing him the plants while taking a walk in the park or talking to him about transportations as we make our way to the neighborhood bakery. Hence, I’m glad his teachers are doing a great job instilling independence, routine and structure with him so I can literally spend time with him to smell the roses (or whatever flowers we can find).

Laurent's 2nd Bday - mother & child

That said, I am hoping that this coming year, I will learn to be more present for him during the little time we spend together. I want to learn to shut away physical and mental distractions and let him know that I am completely there when he needs me. I hope to learn to resist the urge to pick up my phone during our meals, give him half-hearted replies when he wants to talk to me or have my mind wander when he is interacting with me.

I realized how much I’ve been enjoying our bedtime routine together when I put everything aside and just spend those precious moments with him, snuggling, reading bedtime stories, and littering him with pecks of kisses while soft music plays in the background. I love how it allows us to end the day in a sweet, comforting and loving note. I hope I can continue to practice that sense of presence and mindfulness when I’m doing other things with him so that even the little experiences we share together get planted into my memory.

Laurent's 2nd Bday - mother & child

Before I sign off, here’s my second letter to my baby.

Dear Baby Laurent,

You probably couldn’t quite remember but the past year had been an exciting and eventful year for us as we witness how you’ve grown.

From walking independently for the first time to your transition to childcare from infant care, to feeding yourself and learning a ton of new words, expressions and actions. You had so many first time experiences last year it must been quite a whirlwind for your little soul!

If mama have to pick the favourite experience that we shared for the past year, it would have to be our overseas trips.

We took our first flight together to Melbourne and we couldn’t be more delighted by how well you have coped. You practically slept through the flight and made our first overseas trip such a breeze. We later travelled to Paris, a very special place for mummy, daddy and you. You were an amazing travel companion during that trip too and it was a different, but wonderful, experience experiencing this special place through your eyes.

I am not sure how much you can remember from the trips we took, but mama would never forget the sparkles you had in your eyes and the squeals you let out whenever you saw something that excites you.

Laurent's 2nd Bday - Laurent in Paris

Thank you for being a darling MOST of the time and we USUALLY don’t have to go crazy trying to get you to eat, bathe or keep your toys.

There were definitely times when we get so frustrated by your tantrums and temperamental outbursts. But that just serves as a reminder for mama to reflect upon myself and to remember that I, too, have to learn to control my temper and keep my cool so that I can teach you to do the same.

Thank you for being a reminder to us that, adult or child, we are all human and we all have our shortcomings. And that no matter what age we are at, we continue to learn, and grow, and be a better version of ourselves.

Just as how God has been giving us strength, love and wisdom through the past 2 years of our amazing journey together, let’s brace ourselves and hang tight to the Father’s assuring arms as we whirlwind through your Terrible Terrific Twos!

Laurent's 2nd Bday - celebration 2


  1. Janice

    July 16, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    Such a darling! Happy terrific two Laurent! Continue to be dramatic! I totally love it!


      July 18, 2016 at 11:34 am

      Awww thank you so much for your lovely wishes mama Janice!!

  2. Madeline Heng

    July 21, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    Such a nice wall for photos! Beautiful photos. They really grow up too fast!

  3. May

    July 22, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Happy Birthday Laurent and Family! Great pictures and heartwarming post for big Laurent when he’s older!

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