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[Media Invite] Breakfast Session at Kakis Bistro & Bar

We used to stay in the East before shifting to our current place and one thing I really miss about being in the East, is the easy access to all the wonderful makan places!

Easties, you can now rejoice further because there is a new weekend breakfast option at your convenience!

Kakis Bistro & Bar is not a new food establishment, in fact it was relaunched back in 2013. Their freshly curated weekend breakfast menu, however, was only made available from 1 August! We had the honour to join the other blogger families just before the official launch of their weekend breakfast menu for food tasting and some superhero fun 😀

We reached there bright and early that Saturday morning and were delightfully greeted by lush greenery, fresh air and the warm morning sun.

Kakis is a really beautiful place and nature-lovers will feel so at home over here 😀 It is pretty spacious with lots of sitting area as well as space for us to walk around freely – perfect for the little ones who doesn’t like to be restricted by tables and chairs!

Their weekend breakfast menu is both adult and kid friendly, and offers a good variety of drinks ranging from some of our Singaporean favourites to their speciality drinks – Detox Infused Fruit Drinks which comes in so many interesting flavours, even Laurent had a tough time choosing!

We got to try some of the items from the weekend breakfast menu that day and my favourite is the Nasi Lemak! Look at how crispy the drumlets are and the chilli that came with the Nasi Lemak is just sedap!

The items from the kids menu are so cute and colourful, I couldn’t resist helping myself to them (well, since Laurent can’t eat them yet anyway 😛 ).

The fun morning ended in a bang with the fun and rather hilarious Super Kakis Hero Costume Contest!

So next time if you are looking for a lovely and interesting place to have breakfast when you are around Changi Village during the weekends, don’t forget to check out Kakis Bistro & Bar for their weekend breakfast menu!

Kakis Bistro & Bar


Changi Village

289 Farnborough Road

Singapore 509747

(Behind the Hindu Temple)

 Facebook Page:

Official Website:

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