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Mother’s Day Celebration with Mothercare & Mummyfique

It’s been more than a month since Mother’s Day but I thought I’ll still want to blog about how we celebrated the day together, you know, just for memory sake 🙂

This year’s Mother’s Day celebration was full of activities and nothing short of amazing. The credit doesn’t go to Wayne because he wasn’t the one planning for those activities, but I’m sure he was more relived than anything 😉

In the morning, we were invited to the Sweet Like Mommy Party by Mothercare and Little House of Dreams. The brunch party was held at Little House of Dreams, and we were greeted by a stunning 3D floral backdrop by Ektory at the entrance, where we had our family photos taken by Compass Entertainment.

Mother's Day 2016 - 1

Photo Credit: Mothercare Singapore

The place was bustling with lots of activities, parents chatting and little ones running around, enjoying the activities and each others’ company.

Mother's Day 2016 - 4

Mother's Day 2016 - 3

The dessert table served up some absolutely delectable treats which Laurent was more interested in than all the fun activities going on.

Mother's Day 2016 - 9

Mother's Day 2016 - 5

My favourite station at the party has to be the one by Floral Magic! Huge vases of loose flowers were on display where daddies and the little ones could pick and choose the flowers of their liking (preferably according to mummy’s liking too). The people behind Floral Magic will then add their magic touch to arrange these flowers into a beautiful bouquet for mummy 🙂

Mother's Day 2016 - 16

When Laurent was FINALLY done with all the food he could stuff into his little tummy, he joined the other kids in some sensory play by Tickle Your Senses.

Mother's Day 2016 - 11

Mother's Day 2016 - 10

In between flicking coloured rice all over the place, Laurent actually made me a really cute and colourful mother’s day card with the help of daddy!

Mother's Day 2016 - 14

Mother's Day 2016 - 15

It was great to be able to catch up with May and finally meeting Ewan and Faye! It was also really fun meeting all the mamas and little ones who I see (and stalk) on Instagram because they are all sooooo adorable!

Mother's Day 2016 - 17

Photo Credit: Mothercare Singapore

The very thoughtful team behind Mothercare also prepared a curated and personalised goodie bag (more of a hamper actually) for us mummies and our little ones. We went home with a SUPER adorable hot air balloon hamper packed by Up, Bub & Away, gift set from Four Cow Farm (which I can’t wait to use once Laurent uses up his current showering set), and a personalised print by, sporting my name and my personal tagline for 2016!

Mother's Day 2016 - 19

Mother's Day 2016 - 20

Mother's Day 2016 - 26

We had a quick lunch over at Jones the Grocer before making our way to Gallery & Co for the Mummyfique Brand Rep Search Tea Party.

Mother's Day 2016 - 21

We met the mamas and their little ones who were shortlisted for the #MummyfiqueRep16 contest and had a really great time getting to know them 🙂

Mother's Day 2016 - 22

We had some really yummy food for tea break, took some photos and Laurent joined some of the kids at the room right next to Gallery & Co., decorating animals and interacting with the giant screen.

Mother's Day 2016 - 23

Photo Credit: Mummyfique

The team behind Mummyfique is so friendly and inviting, I had a really great time chatting with them. It was also our first time at the National Gallery with Laurent and he really enjoyed the place for all the huge spaces where he could roam around freely. He had so much fun posing for his photos at the Mummyfique event, we managed to have a little impromptu shoot for him around the gallery! I’ve never thought of it but museums and galleries can make such cool places for photographing the kids 😀

Mother's Day 2016 - 24

Mother's Day 2016 - 25

This Mother’s Day celebration had been really fun and memorable for me. I got to spend the day with the boys, and was able to meet and chat with some of the lovely parents whom I got acquainted with over IG and blogging, went home with a whole bunch of goodies and have so many wonderful snaps to remind me of this lovely day 🙂

I can’t thank the Mothercare Sg and Mummyfique teams enough for the wonderful celebrations 🙂 Many of them are also mamas but they actually put in so much of their time and effort into these events to celebrate the meaningful day with the rest of us. Thank you so much you guys!

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