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[Review] Biotherm NEW Blue Therapy Accelerated

I’ve always had combination skin, until my pregnancy.

I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t get myself hydrated enough or was it due to hormonal changes, my skin became rather dry. That was when I started to focus mainly on using hydration products for my skin to keep it supple and moisturised.

To be honest, I didn’t really think that it was necessary for me to start taking care of my skin elasticity in my late twenties.

But after months of late nights and lack of proper rest which came with working, caring for Laurent, managing the household and blogging, I do see a deterioration  to my skin firmness 🙁 Another skin concern that I have, which also comes with the lack of proper rest, is skin luminosity. It also didn’t help that my current workplace is located in an area where I’m easily exposed to lifestyle aggressors like UV, pollutants and stress.

When I posted about the very thoughtful #livemore kit which BiothermSG sent over to us, I received some comments and personal notes from readers and friends about the positive results they experienced with the Biotherm Blue Therapy.

That got me really excited to try the the new and improved, reformulated Blue Therapy serum – Blue Therapy Accelerated ($129 for 50ml, $99 for 30ml) because it is said to be 3 TIMES more efficient than the old Blue Therapy serum! In fact, the positive effects of using the NEW Blue Therapy Accelerated serum can be seen in just ONE WEEK.

I started to incorporate the serum into my skin care routine close to a month back and I am still using it diligently because there are just so many things to love about it!

For a start, the serum is easily absorbed into the skin upon application and doesn’t leave a sticky texture on the face. This means that I can quickly apply my make-up right after my morning skin care routine, without having to spend extra time waiting for the serum to be fully absorbed.

After I started incorporating the serum into my skincare routine, I could feel a slight firming/ tightening effect on my face and I seem to be able to apply my make-up more smoothly. That is likely the result of pores tightening, which I have also heard from a number of other users!

Bare-faced right after my skin care routine (pardon those eye bags!)

 After using the serum for a week, I saw some visible improvement to my skin in terms of firmness and luminosity, which is pretty amazing! With continued use, I’m looking forward to more pronounced results of anti-aging 😀

Hop over to Biotherm’s website to find out more about the really special ingredient, Alaria Esculenta (dubbed as the algae of youth), which is used for the very first time in Biotherm’s formula for its twofold power to both counter inflammaging and reactivate cellular metabolism.

Photo Credit: Biotherm Singapore

Time is precious for a full-time working mum like me, who is trying to make the best use of my time to balance all my different roles. The fast-acting and effective Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated fits my lifestyle perfectly, allowing me to seize the day and #livemore!

Check out the testimonials from the other ladies and find out how we #livmore with the NEW Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum 🙂 Don’t forget to sign up for a free trial to experience the amazing new serum yourself!

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Photo Credit: Biotherm’s Facebook Page

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