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[Review] D’Elegance – Quality Shapewear for Your Ideal Silhouette

Many ladies I know, have had occasions where they needed the assistance of shape wear to help create a nicer silhouette or to fit into a special dress for a special occasion.

I had to enlist the help of shapewear to sculpt my body shape on 2 occasions in the past – first time was for my wedding day (you know, brides need to fits into those crazy tight wedding gowns which are the least comfortable things on earth) and the second time was when I needed to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, post-baby.

Unfortunately, on both occasions, the shapewear I had were difficult to wear, uncomfortable, and all they did was shifted my “problem area” from one place to another. If you had the same experience as me with shapewear, I urge you to read on about D’Elegance because they changed my experience with shapewear and my idea about attaining the ideal silhouette  🙂

Truth be told, I contemplated for a long while before accepting D’Elegance’s invitation to review their shapewear due to the lacklustre experiences I had with other shapewear thus far. But after meeting up with Elida, the lady behind D’Elegance, for my personal consultation, I was so thankful that I did not give this opportunity a miss!

It was a chilly, drizzling Friday evening when I rushed down to the D’Elegance boutique at International Plaza for my personal consultation. Thankfully, the place is conveniently located and easily accessible from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station.



I was greeted by Elida, who welcomed me warmly and made me feel at ease almost immediately (well, the consultation and fitting can be a rather intimate session so it’s extremely important that you at least feel comfortable about it!).


I filled up a form with my personal particulars, went around the tastefully decorated boutique to take some photos for my blog post and was ushered into the generously-sized fitting room with Elida. We took my height, weight, and some other measurements before Elida sat me down, with a cup of (very much welcomed) warm camomile tea. Elida shared with me about the brand, how it came about and why women need shapewear to help maintain their body shape.


It sounded like sales talk initially, but beyond the usual “presentation”, Elida was very patient and personable with her sharing and answering all the questions I had. She shared frankly about her weight loss attempts after her pregnancy, her vision to empower women with confidence and appreciation for their own body by creating and offering comfortable shapewear designed for the Asian bodies and valuable nuggets of wisdom on eating well and caring for the body. If you have a chance to meet her in person, you will see that, despite being a grandmother, her skin still exudes a healthy glow and she is definitely aging gracefully. Without realising it, the sales pitch I was expecting became more like a casual chat with Elida over tea.


During the consultation, I learnt about the ideal silhouette for my height,  the difference it makes in getting high-quality and painstakingly designed shapewear, the correct way to wear shapewear and the answer to a question that always bothers me about shapewear – how do I wear them with the clothes that I want to wear without parts of the shapewear being visible like the lace, the bra strap and the corners of the girdles?!

the ideal silhouette

I think it is a healthy notion that the ideal body shape is not a one-size-fit-all set of numbers only found on Barbie dolls. The ideal body shape is different for everyone, depending on our height and weight. After changing into a comfortable silk gown, Elida took down my height and weight and marked out a hexagon with her chart to determine the figures that will constitute an ideal silhouette for me. She also marked out my current body shape, without the shapewear, to see the difference and how close we can get to the ideal silhouette with the help of D’Elegance shapewear.

high quality & well-designed

During the consultation session, Elida chose several pieces of shape wear which target different body areas for me to try. She patiently explained the design of the shape wear, the revolutionary WinCool material patented in Japan and how each of the items will help to sculpt the different areas of my body.

After my experience with other shape wear brands, I must say I am utterly impressed by the comfort level of D’Elegance shape wear. When Elida explained to me about the thought process behind the design of the shape wear, I can see that a lot of effort has been put into the design process to ensure that they are comfortable enough for regular wear (even in our warm, humid climate) and that their 3D cutting technique allows the shape wear to adhere to our natural body shape while sculpting the more problematic areas to create a beautiful silhouette instantly.


High-Quality and Fine Details of D’Elegance Shapewear


High-Quality and Fine Details of D’Elegance Shapewear


Providing Both Comfort and Support


Thoughtfully Designed and Manufactured with Quality Material to Ensure Comfort


3D Cutting Technology to Ensure the Shapewear Adhere to Our Natural Body Shape While Sculpting Our Problem Areas

wearing shapewear

During the consultation, Elida also showed me the right way to wear the shape wear and how to pair different shape wear together as a set to produce the best result.

I’ve always thought of shape wear as an emergency tool – something you put on to target your problem area WHEN you want to wear more fitted clothes. While shape wear can definitely do that, there are times when I find myself stuck in a dilemma – the piece of clothing I want to wear actually shows the thick straps and lace design of the shape wear I need to wear underneath to achieve the ideal silhouette.

I was then enlightened by the idea of wearing shape wear on a regular basis to allow the body sculpting process to be a long term one. We don’t have to wear every single piece everyday, maybe just the body suit or the girdle more regularly, and when the occasion arises where we need to wear more fitted clothes, our body is already in a better shape and condition so we may even do without the shape wear when we need to wear that special, fitted strapless gown, for example 🙂

The 2-hr personal consultation with D’Elegance had been most informative and beneficial to helping me understand how to care for my body and how the right shape wear can help me to achieve a nicer silhouette.


I’ve been wearing the shape wear on and off for the past 2 weeks and I still can’t get over how comfortable they are! Having different items from the collection allows me to mix and match them according to the clothes that I need to wear and the body areas that I’m sculpting.


With just the girdle alone, I could shave off a whopping 4 cm off my waist and 9cm off my abdomen!! That means with the help of the shape wear, I could easily fit into clothes almost ONE SIZE SMALLER than what I usually wear 😀

I wish I’ve known about D’Elegance (and the difference between high quality and mediocre, mass market shape wear) much earlier, so I can use their products during my wedding and post-pregnancy period. If you would like to check out the high-quality body shaping collection that D’Elegance carries and to learn more about the ideal body shape for your height and weight as well as how to achieve it with the help of shape wear, I’m thrilled to share with you the special promotion below for our readers!

promotion for readers of

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