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[Review] Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

I believe we have all heard about the importance of securing children in car seats and have seen so many Facebook posts on how proper use of car seats helped to save the precious lives of little ones in near fatal accidents. Hence, we always insist for Laurent to be in his car seat regardless of the tantrum he throws.

He usually calms down once the car starts moving but a couple of months back, however, we noticed that he gets extremely frustrated when we place him in the car seat and had even managed to wriggle his arms out from the strap! We’ve tried to adjust the straps tighter, change the inclination slightly, and even re-adjust the car seat but he just gets better and better with his escape-artist act.

Kiddy 4

We were extremely worried about his safety because the only time he is safely secured in the car seat was when he was sleeping. Otherwise, he will be trying means and ways to get out of it, especially when we are in a jam or in the midst of an extremely long ride.

We googled and looked up forums and this is apparently quite a common issue that parents face (we are not alone!). Sometimes, kids manage to wriggle them arms out of the strap, no matter how tight the strap has been adjusted, because the strap pad is resting in an awkward position above their shoulder (i.e. not flushed to their body), leaving a little gap. This is the case for Laurent.

We came across an interesting looking car seat which uses an impact shield instead of the standard 5-point harness to keep a child in place and were exploring the option when Kiddy Singapore contacted me about about having Laurent try out their new car seat – the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2.

Guadian Pro

We took up the offer immediately because we were looking at something similar and thought that it may be a good opportunity for us to give it a try and see if it is a safer and more comfortable option for Laurent.

“new” kiddy on the block 

Most of us may not be too familiar with the name Kiddy because their products have only entered our shores this year. The German brand, Kiddy, actually has been in the business of manufacturing children’s car seat for almost 40 years!




Their range of products have received numerous awards for safety, innovation and ease of use and have been highly rated by Which?, ADAC, Stiftung Warentest, TCS, AGR, and ÖAMTC with excellent reviews from Made for Mums, Mumsnet, Best Buggy and Pushchair Expert. These accreditation offers assurance and confidence to customers like us as they point to a reputable company with great products.



how does it work?

Many of us would be most familiar with the 5-point harness used in car seats. Without the harness, how does the child get secured in the car seat? Is the impact shield comfortable for the child? Is it difficult to secure the child in the seat? Can my child move the Impact Shield easily on his own?

These were the questions that flashed through our minds when we first received the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2.

Now check out this informative video on Kiddy Singapore’s Facebook Page to find out how it works!

Do note that the model of the car seat in the video is a Kiddy Guardian Fix Pro 2 and the one we received for review is a Kiddy Guardian Pro 2. They work in the same way, but the Kiddy Guardian Fix Pro 2 has ISOFIX while Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 doesn’t.

our experience with kiddy guardian pro 2

Other than the fact that it’s Lavender in colour (beautiful colour btw, just that it’s not really our style), we LOVED it. And by WE, I mean Laurent included.

Here’s a list of wonderful features that the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 embodies and below is our experience with it!


Placing Laurent into the car seat is extremely straight forward – pop him into the seat, place the impact shield in place, pull seat belt across and click in place. No accidentally placing his bum bum on the hard buckle or having to adjust him so that we can get the harness straps out from behind. Here’s an extremely adorable review demo posted on Kiddy Singapore’s Facebook Page:

Like little Lara in the video, Laurent seems to really like it. Well, at least a lot more than our current car seat. He doesn’t struggle in his seat and he falls asleep a lot sooner in the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2, so I can definitely attest to the “Snooze Position” feature!


The Impact Shield is easily adjustable and eventually replaced by just the seat belt alone when the child is of a certain height and weight so this car seat can really grow with the child. Laurent was even using the impact shield as a little platform for him to play with his favourite “choo-choo”!  The height and width of the head rest can also be easily adjusted, even with one hand!

Kiddy2 Kiddy 3

We haven’t tried but apparently the durable seat covers can be removed and machine washed at 30°C (gentle cycle). I hope it’s easy to remove and put back because we have, unfortunately, not figured out how to remove our current seat cover for washing 😐

When it comes to dimension, the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 is slightly slimmer than our current Joie Stages so we actually get a bit more sitting space at the back.


We tried the Kiddy car seat for 2 weeks and were seriously considering changing our current car seat. But at that time they did not carry the ISOFIX version, which we very much preferred, so we decided to put it on hold then.

Now that they are carrying the ISOFIX version, the Kiddy GuardianFix Pro 2, I’m tempted again!

But strangely, after trying out the Kiddy car seat, Laurent is now ok with our current car seat and hasn’t attempted to wriggle his arms out of the straps since. So we have no need for a new car seat at the moment, but the Kiddy GuardianFix Pro 2 will definitely be high on my list when we need a new car seat!

Mummy’s Market Fair and Reader’s Promo

Tempted to check out the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 or even get purchase it for your little one?

Kiddy will be participating in Mummy’s Market Fair, the biggest baby fair in South East Asia, between 29 Apr to 1 May 2016 at Singapore EXPO Booth G09!

Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 will be sold at the price of $369 instead its usual price $499.

Quote “DAPRAYER” and you get to purchase the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 at an exclusive promo price of $349, giving you a total of 30% discount off its usual retail price! 

where else can i buy kiddy?

Kiddy’s products also also available at the following places:

Innoplus Alliance Pte Ltd (showroom)
6 Yishun Industrial St 1
Northview Bizhub #08-10
Singapore 768090

Baby Kingdom
83 Kaki Bukit Ave 1
Singapore 417954

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