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[Review] Shopping with TODDLE

Have I ever mentioned that Wayne is more of an online shopper than I am?

But since I’ve become a mom, I have learnt to appreciate the wonders and convenience of shopping online, especially for Laurent’s stuff – which tends to be difficult to find, bulky and also because it is a lot easier to read reviews and compare prices while shopping on a good website.

And speaking of a good website for kids’ stuff, I just need to share with you about TODDLE!


Toddle is an online store targeted at making shopping for baby and kids stuff a more pleasant and less overwhelming experience for young parents. The team behind Toddle believes that everything you invest in for your child should contribute positively to his or her personal development. With that in mind, the products that they carry are specially curated so that we, as parents, can choose from the best for our children.

Here are some reasons I love shopping with Toddle, and I believe you will too!

1. Toddle Tags 

I can still remember stepping into a baby fair when I was still pregnant with Laurent and as my initial excitement worn off, I became so overwhelmed by all the brands and products around and all the decisions I had to make, I took a lot longer than expected to complete my shopping (I don’t even want to talk about the payment and parking queue). And guess what, we ended up buying a number of things we didn’t really use, even until now.

While Toddle carries a great variety of baby and kids products, I really appreciate the Toddle
Tags system (SHINE) which the team devised to help parents find and decide what we need easily.


What each TODDLE TAG stands for

How TODDLE TAGS appear under each product

How TODDLE TAGS appear under each product


2. useful product information

Each product is accompanied by a useful overview and other important information like its dimensions and age appropriateness of the product.

Many of the products also come with product videos or review videos which I really appreciate because it saves me the trouble of having to look for these videos on my own!


Take this Munchkin Miracle Cup for example. I was rather sceptical about the cup being spill proof because I couldn’t figure out how it works based on the photos. The review video clearly showed how the cup works and I was immediately convinced to get one for Laurent who is learning (and insisting) to drink from a cup.

3. user-friendly website

The website is clear and well-organised, with all the products in their appropriate categories which makes finding them really easy.

I also find the age filter function extremely useful because instead of scrolling through more than 200 toys and educational items, I can filter them according to Laurent’s age and check out those that are most suitable for him.


4. shopping with an ease of mind

With Toddle, I can shop with an ease of mind because of their promises to us. Based on my recent experience shopping with Toddle, I can say that they truly kept to their promises!

Payment through Paypal was swift and easy, the Toddle team was prompt in replying to my emails and enquiries, my stuff are delivered within 3 working days, and we all love what we’ve got from Toddle!


5. useful and high-quality products

We were spoilt for choice on what to get from Toddle with their comprehensive range of products available. I was sooooo tempted to get a Trunki for Laurent but decided against it since he is still a little too young to appreciate it. Maybe in a few years’ time, we’ll see!

Now, here’s what we actually chose from Toddle (practical mama mode – on):


Our loots from Toddle!


I haven’t really started potty-training Laurent but this Ubbi 3-in-1 potty will definitely come in useful when it happens!


We’ve been teaching Laurent about animals and counting numbers so these books seem like a great way to reinforce is learning in a colourful and fun manner!



We’ve been using a toothbrush with Laurent for the past few months and his current tiny toothbrush is already a little worn out. New Bio Toothbrush from JACK N’ JILL to keep those pearlies shiny!


Laurent has been wanting to drink out of a cup instead of using his straw bottles. After several occasions of spilling water all over himself, this Munchkin Miracle Cup is a godsend for training him to drink from a cup!


Laurent has been getting bored during car rides and this take-along shape-sorter seemed like perfect in keeping him occupied 😉


Suitable for kids up to 3 years old with different skills to pick up at different stages, all packed in this handy little bag!


Works perfectly for the style-concious too 😉

All in all, I had a really pleasant experience shopping with Toddle. However, I do wish that they can replenish the stock for some of the popular items soon! I would love to get some of the currently OOS Melissa & Doug toys for Laurent when they are back in stock 🙂

Do check out Toddle soon if you are looking for a good and reliable website to purchase baby and kids stuff because they still have a fantastic variety of products available and I have a discount code specially for all of you, valid till 9 March 2016:

Quote “dawn15” for 15% OFF the total purchase and free shipping with minimum spending of SGD 70. 

Happy Shopping!

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