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[Review] Therm A Sleep Mattress Protector

We spent a lot of time and effort choosing our mattress and our bed sheet to ensure that we sleep in comfort, but I realised we spent barely a fraction of the time and effort in researching and choosing a good and effective mattress protector.

 Although we had a mattress protector over our bed, we’ve still got Laurent’s pee pee, milk and saliva stains on the mattress when he snuggles up with us on our bed in the morning. And these stains are not limited to the mattress, we find them on our pillows and bolsters too!

Since I’ve never researched much on the different kind of mattress protectors available in the market, I assumed they are all pretty limited in their ability to keep the mattress clean and dry. It was only when I received a set of Protect A Bed – Therm A Sleep Mattress Protector from for the review did I learn more about what makes a good mattress protector.


importance of protecting your mattress

It actually makes sense that if we spend a fortune on our mattress to ensure that we can enjoy good sleep every night, we should take some effort to protect our mattress against spills, mishaps, early deterioration and nasty stuff like bed bugs and dust mites.

Using an effective mattress protector helps to protect our mattress from stains, keep our sleeping space hygienic and allow our mattress to last longer.


Miracle Membrane®

Protect-A-Bed developed the proprietary Miracle Membrane® which is waterproof yet air vapour porous, allowing their products to effectively protect the mattress from liquid stains while remaining cool and comfortable to sleep on.

I was surprised by how thin and breathable the Therm A Sleep Mattress Protector felt, I admit I was rather sceptical of its claim on being waterproof.



Hence, I decided to do a little experiment. I sprayed a substantial amount of water on the mattress protector and placed a piece of kitchen towel underneath to absorb any moisture that soaked through the protector.


Despite the mattress protector being so thin and porous, not a single bit of moisture managed to pass through!


all-round protection & quality finishing

True to its claim, the Therm A Sleep Mattress Protector is soft and silky to the touch. It is made with TENCEL® fiber which has a smoother and more supple surface than wool or cotton (and I love TENCEL because one of my Tulas is in TENCEL material and its unbelievably soft!). The fitted sheet style mattress protector fits seamlessly over my mattress, giving it all-round protection, unlike my old mattress protector which was only held in place by 4 elastic straps at the corner.


The pillow and bolster protectors are made with the same comfortable TENCEL material with the Miracle Membrane and enclosed with carefully fitted zips to ensure complete protection for the bolsters and pillows against stains, bed bugs and dust mites.



special promotion

I expected a good product like the Therm A Sleep Mattress Protector to be rather expensive, but it is reasonably priced at $119. There is currently an amazing promotion going on which makes getting the Protect-A-Bed products an extremely good deal!

Promotion price extended till 31 may ’16.

1.  PAB Basic Model
Mattress Protector:
Single = Now $29 per pc (U.P.: $55)
Super Single = Now $29 per pc (U.P.: $65)
Queen = Now $49 per pc (U.P.: $75)
King = Now $49 per pc (U.P.: $85)
Super King = Now $49 per pc (U.P.: $95)
Pillow Protector & Bolster Protector = Now Any 2 for $29
2.  PAB Therm A Sleep Model (the one I reviewed)
Mattress Protector:
Single = Now $39 per pc (U.P.: $69)
Super Single = Now $49 per pc (U.P.: $79)
Queen = Now $59 per pc (U.P.: $89)
King = Now $59 per pc (U.P.: $99)
Super King = Now $69 per pc (U.P.: $119)
Pillow Protector & Bolster Protector = Now Any 2 for $39 

To make the deal even sweeter, use coupon code “daprayerPAB” for an additional 10% off the promotional prices!


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