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Shopping for Shoes at The Elly Store

Laurent is currently at the stage of toddlerhood where he wants a say in the shoes that he wears.

He isn’t picky when it comes to clothes, so yay to mummy because I still get free reign on how to dress him. But he is very particular when it comes to the shoes that he wears.

When Stacy from The Elly Store asked if we would be keen to check out some of the shoes they carry, I know Laurent will be so thrilled to go shopping for some new shoes! We have always known The Elly Store for their extremely popular CNY collections, but I didn’t realise that they also carry a huge collection of shoes!

Join us as we visit The Elly Store at the quaint and lovely Cluny Court, followed by a review of the shoes that Laurent chose from The Elly Store.

The Elly Store 9

Shopping Experience at The Elly Store

The Elly Store is a bright, colourful and beautifully decorated space. We stepped into the shop and were greeted by a cheery vibes, nicely arranged clothes, toys, decorative items, and a great collection of Jellycats! Stacy showed us around the shop and we discussed about the type of shoes that Laurent will like while he busied himself playing with balls, strategically placed at the shoe section.


The Elly Store 7

The Elly Store 6



Stacy showed me some shoes which she thought will suit Laurent’s style and I must say her taste was spot on!

We decided to try a pair of Converse high-cut and a pair of Old Soles.

Stacy helped Laurent to try on the shoes and were very meticulous in checking that the size is suitable and that Laurent feels comfortable in them. She also showed me the unique points about the design of each pair of shoes so that I am assured of their design and quality.



Laurent walked around the shop a few times with his new shoes and was reluctant to remove the pair of Old Soles. It must have been really comfortable!

He went on to play ball with the other sales assistants at the shop and Stacy took the opportunity to show me Twelve by Elly, located just a few units away, which caters to customers between the age of 6 – 12, who have been growing up with the Elly brand.


We ended our shopping trip with Laurent still refusing to remove the pair of Old Soles and beaming from cheek to cheek after a great session of throwing and catching ball with the extremely accommodating ladies at The Elly Store.

The Elly Store 12

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Creatures

Laurent had a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Axel similar to this pair. We bought it last year when we went to Melbourne and he has outgrown it for a while now. It was one of our favourite pair of shoes because it was comfy and goes with most of his clothes. He was pretty upset when we found that he could no longer fit into it and still asks to wear this pair of shoes when he spots it in the shoe cabinet (yes, time for me to keep them away).

We were really glad to know that The Elly Store carries a nice collection of Converse shoes and I had my eyes set on Chuck Taylor All Star Creatures when I spotted it. I was initially a little apprehensive about the shoe being high-cut and requires tying of shoe laces. But Stacy showed me that this series of Chuck Taylor is cleverly designed with side velcro that makes wearing and removing the shoes a breeze! We have had the shoes for close to a month now and Laurent has been wearing it almost every week when we are out. Here’s what we think of the Chuck Taylor All Star Creatures!

The Elly Store 18

1. Stylish & Fun Design

With the fun spots and flare design at the side, Laurent calls it his “Dragon Shoes, Rawwwr”. The grey and black of the shoes make it easy to match most of his outfits and the pop of green adds a super fun detail. The high-cut design amps up the style factor and makes even the simplest outfit looks a notch cooler.

The Elly Store 23

2. Designed for Easy Wearing & Removal

Laurent owns several pairs of high-cut shoes and boots and honestly, not one of them is as thoughtfully designed as this pair. The revolutionary (to me, at least!) side velcro design meant that we don’t have to tie and untie his shoelaces every time we wear or remove his shoes. It also makes it so much easier to wear and remove the high-cut shoes because we don’t need to squish his feet into an awkward angle just to get them in.

The Elly Store 24

The Elly Store 25

The loop pull-tab at the back also helps to make it easier for us to wear the shoes. Laurent is currently learning how to put on his own shoes and the pull-tab is very child-friendly too!

The Elly Store 26

3. Comfortable & Durable Material

The soft canvas material, additional padding and adjustable laces allows the shoe to fit nicely on Laurent’s feet. He has worn shoes, especially high-cut ones, that causes abrasion or blisters to his feet. But he has stayed blister-free with this pair of Converse and is always asking to wear it when he’s not wearing his school shoes.


Old Soles

For his second pair of shoes from The Elly Store, we chose a pair of Old Soles. I really liked the silver ones but unfortunately they were not available in his size. Hence, we went with a classic taupe coloured version instead. It isn’t a design that I would usually choose for Laurent because it looked “normal”, but when I held the shoes in my hands and felt the texture and structure of the shoes, I was immediately impressed by its quality. Here’s what we love about the pair of Old Soles.

The Elly Store 17

1. Classic Design

I must admit, I first thought this pair of Old Soles is a little too boring for my liking. But when I dress Laurent up in a more dapper get-up, as opposed to his usual street style, I realised just how classic this pair of shoes look! It is a design which will never go out of style, especially with a colour that is so versatile.

The Elly Store 15

2. Quality Material

The shoes are made of leather and completed with leather lining which feels so soft and comfortable to the touch. The shoes maintain a good structure and the padding at the back of the shoes provide extra comfort. No wonder Laurent refuses to let us remove the shoes after trying them at The Elly Store!

The Elly Store 29

3. Arch Support

The most interesting feature about Old Soles shoes is the arch support. It doesn’t just help in the natural development of the child’s feet, but also helps to correct the child’s posture, body alignment and balance.

The Elly Store 31

We love both pairs of shoes that we received from The Elly Store for their great quality and thoughtful designs. If you are looking for shoes to add to your child’s collection or to get as gifts for a special little one, definitely check out the wonderful collection at The Elly Store. But beware, you might walk out with not just the shoes, but maybe a Jellycat or some of their lovely clothes too šŸ˜‰

The Elly Store 8

The Elly Store 10

The Elly Store 11


Address: #02-31/33 Cluny Court,

501 Bukit Timah Road

Singapore 259760.

Phone:  +65 646 6 8718

Mon to Sat: 10 am to 7 pm

Sun and Public Holidays: 10 am to 6 pm


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