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A Teacher Touches a Heart (Free Downloadable Print for Teacher’s Day)

I’m sorry I had to miss July’s freebie of the month, but I hope you missed me 🙂

Teacher’s Day is just round the corner and for this month’s freebie, I’ve designed a printable to express how thankful and appreciative I am of the teachers that I’ve come to know.

I’m working full-time and Laurent has been in Infant Care since 8 months old. I’m extremely thankful to his teachers for taking such good care of him and for genuinely being concerned about his well-being and development over the past years.

We were considering changing Laurent’s childcare to somewhere nearer to home for logistical reasons, but his teachers have been so sweet and attentive to him, I really couldn’t bear to put him somewhere else! I get regular updates and “behind-the-scenes” from his teachers via IG and WhatsApp, close follow-up about his toilet-training, concerned calls when he did not go to school, etc.

I personally also know of many teacher friends who go above and beyond what they are required to do because they have a genuine love towards the young minds they are teaching and influencing.

Thank you to all the teachers out there for being in a line of work that takes so much discipline, passion, tenacity, and PATIENCE.

Feel free to download this printable as a print or card for Teacher’s Day gifts 🙂 I hope you, and the teachers receiving the prints, will like it!

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